After two years at Webflow, I am saying goodbye to more than just a job I once loved. I’m risking the most important possession I’ve acquired. The very thing that I’ve sacrificed family, friends, and good health to attain. The thing I’ve held on a pedestal for 15 years — my career — to speak my truth.

White women are considered checkmarks on tech’s list of DEI requirements.

And not only that, but we are the easiest checkmark to fulfill first. We don’t feel like total strangers in the boardroom. Men can and do applaud themselves for adding a single white woman to their executive team or board of directors; it’s…

I come from a long lineage of loud and determined women.

The eternalized myths in my family primarily center around the women who marched to the beat of their own drum; their statuses as icons further solidified with each dinner table soliloquy. Making brownies with Nanas and seeking long-distance advice from Aunts reminisce of tales of petite — but never frail — women with personalities far outweighing their stature. Tales of women — spoken intermittently through an uproarious laughter distinct to our kind — who speak their minds particularly when no one wants to hear it. Tales of women —…

Britt Caldwell

Elevator of small talk to medium talk. Winner of costume contests. Capricorn ☀️ Leo 🌅. Tech marketer @webflow @atlassian @github. Sillier on the ⏰🐥 apps.

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